Top reasons you need to isolate your browser from your working environment

Top reasons you need to isolate your browser from your working environment

1. The great Flash problem

The main issue with Flash platform is that Flash is inherently insecure application integrated into inherently insecure web browsers (Google is now automatically disabling Flash ads in Chrome. Mozilla is blocking all Flash content in Firefox). So we are now facing with many vulnerabilities that are attacked by intelligent cyber criminals.

2. Zero day attacks

Those attacks are uses applications vulnerabilities that are undisclosed . If a cyber attacker hacks your browser system through a zero day attack he will have access data such user’s permissions for specific site, user private data and could make changes to the system using the user credentials.

3. Backdoors

A backdoor Trojan may give cyber attackers users remote control over the infected computer. They enable the creator of the virus control on anything they wish to do on the infected device such as – copy of sensitive data , delete files or shutdown the system.

Backdoors are often used to steal corporate data for the use of industrial espionage, the simple act of a user for clicking an unspecified link which seems legit can drive a download of a Trojan.

3. Social Engineering attacks

Today there is a great effort to educate users how to browse safely on the web and to think twice before opening links that may look suspicious. But still it is almost impossible to educate your “dummy” users to recognize attacks especially since many malicious sites who have been infected may seem very legit.

4. Drive By attacks

A ‘drive-by-download’ attack is a malware delivery technique that is triggered just because the user visited a website. Traditionally, malware was only ‘activated’ as a result of the user proactively opening an infected. These days malware can be delivered as hidden code lines inside the website content such as advertisements or banners, just the act of visiting the site is enough to get your computer infected or your private data stolen

Browser isolation products such as Cigloo can reduce dramatically the attacks on your private network as we can take all the web content out of your private data center to our cloud meaning no malware can enter your private network!





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