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Cigloo’s Browsing Isolation Management Platform


Enabling fast, efficient, and secure corporate internet use

Cigloo is an advanced web proxy that sits between Citrix users and their virtual environment. It can be implemented on the premises or in the cloud. All web content execution is controlled and isolated using Cigloo’s advanced rule engine, determining which browser is used and how web content is displayed.

Because external content is executed outside the corporate network, all malware is effectively blocked from running internally. The only traffic that can enter a secured network are screen updates, prints and clipboard items. Your network remains secured and isolated, significantly reducing your corporate attack surface.

Cigloo Key Benefits for Citrix Users

What You Get

Browsing - Security

Enables your employees to securely access all URLs and any web application without risk to corporate core sensitive data. Any web content will be handled in a remote, secured, managed and isolated environment.

Browsing - User Experience

Provides a seamless user experience, efficiently preserving with absolute ease all user browsing preferences in a single browser experience. Users browse any site, while keeping their preferences and enjoying a lightning fast, completely secure session.

Browsing - Management

Management console allows administrators to control and manage the corporate browsing policies based on: User groups, User location, Browser location, Application browser compatibility, URL category, Time frame and more.

Browsing - Performance

Allow admins to utilize the organization browsing performance by separating heavy consuming websites from mission critical applications while preserving seamless user experience.

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