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Cigloo Verified as Citrix Ready to Support Citrix Secure Browser Platform

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Cigloo Browser Isolation Verified as Citrix Ready to Support Citrix Secure Browser Platform

Wilmington, Delaware – SEP 04, 2017- Cigloo Browser Isolation announced today that its browser isolation management platform has been verified as Citrix Ready to support Citrix Secure Browser. This new development will enable any organization in any size to manage the isolation of malicious internet browsing from the corporate desktops, servers and sensitive data.

Cigloo’s management platform allows users to securely manage remote browsers by working with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop technologies, enabling customer employees to browse the internet with confidence by isolating the browser HTML code from the user’s desktop to the remote cloud browser environment. Cigloo manages the user’s browsing isolation policy so any requested URL can be isolated from running its code on the user desktop so the organization remains safe.

Cigloo Browser Isolation is a Citrix Ready Partner, supporting both XenApp and XenDesktop technologies and offers secure remote browser mainly for government agencies, healthcare and financial organizations.

Deploying the Cigloo Browser Isolation layer directly on top of the Citrix layer creates a secure and streamlined solution for remote virtual environments. Users no longer need to manage their remote browsing environments and they continue to procure regular monthly service from Citrix and Cigloo’s combined solution. Behind the scenes, the Cigloo solution ensures that browsing best practices are being strictly enforced.

“We are pleased to have Cigloo join the Citrix Ready program,” said Siddharth Rabindran, Director, Citrix Ready. The Citrix Ready program makes it easier for customers to select the most suitable virtualization infrastructure products for their specific needs. By taking part in our program, Cigloo gives Citrix customers confidence that its browser isolation management platform will work effectively with XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Secure Browser.”

Identified by Gartner as one of the Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2016*, Browser Isolation, or remote browsing, moves the act of browsing the Internet off the end user’s desktop and puts it onto a remote server, effectively isolating the user’s computer and files from outside attacks. The user can still browse the public internet, but attacks are kept isolated in the remote browser sessions.

“When it comes to remote virtual environments, Citrix’s is the leader. We are excited and proud to partner with them to create the most secured and streamlined browsing experience available today” – Hadar Eshel

*Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2016, June 15, 2016 –

About Cigloo Browser Isolation

Cigloo Browser Isolation is a leading provider of Secure Remote Browsing solutions. Cigloo’s Browsing Policy Enforcement, User Identity Protection, Browser Compatibility, Browsing Performance Utilization and Seamless User Experience solutions enable a fast, secure and more efficient way for employees to securely access any website that might be infected with malware or ransomware. With offices in Delaware USA and R&D functions in Israel, Cigloo services are available for Microsoft and Microsoft Azure, Citrix, VMware, Amazon WorkSpaces and Google Cloud Platform.

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